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Researching the Future

I’d like to tell you about a coffee cup conversation I had between a bunch of researchers while I was at Intel Labs Europe. It lasted about 30 minutes, but at the end of it we had created a vision of the future, and a vision of what the car industry could look like. A…
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Researching Medical Conditions – Advice from an Expert

I recently got some advice on how to research medical conditions from a parent who has a wealth of experience in health care systems and researching illnesses. David Prendergast is a senior researcher at Intel, although we work in different teams we share the same office. David has, unfortunately extensive knowledge of dealing with a…
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Big-Data and Infantile Spasms

All the doctors we've spoken to about Mattie and his condition have commented on how little information is available. When we ask about treatments we get the same response - "we just don't know". It appears to be a common refrain from doctors when speaking about Infantile Spasms. I found another blog about a family…
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