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Imagine the Future of the Internet

The Premise The adoption of SDN and NFV technologies is changing how data centres and networks are built. At the same time the hardware and equipment in the datacentre is changing. Efforts like OpenCompute’s work on servers and data centre networking are changing the face of datacentre hardware. If we take the current trends in…
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Researching the Future

I’d like to tell you about a coffee cup conversation I had between a bunch of researchers while I was at Intel Labs Europe. It lasted about 30 minutes, but at the end of it we had created a vision of the future, and a vision of what the car industry could look like. A…
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What is European Research and H2020?

My day job is in European research, a topic which due to the debate around Brexit has been in the news headlines recently. I must admit that I, like most people, didn't know much about EU research until I starting working in the field. So I thought I'd give an introductory guide to EU research.…
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