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Creating a Fog of Serverless Functions

TLDR: Sisyphus is an actor based programming model, in which functions are sent across a network for execution. This approach was developed between 2011-2013 by Chris Woods who was a researcher at Intel Labs Europe. The work is published and introduced to readers here. This post explains the motivations which prompted the creation of Sisyphus.…
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Closing Down the Social News Experiment

About 6 years ago now, in 2011 I had this cool idea; rather than just the celebrity tweets and the occasional news articles which were being posted to Twitter at the time, wouldn't it be great to post news stories and then discuss these stories online via twitter with other users? At the time I…
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Imagine the Future of the Internet

The Premise The adoption of SDN and NFV technologies is changing how data centres and networks are built. At the same time the hardware and equipment in the datacentre is changing. Efforts like OpenCompute‚Äôs work on servers and data centre networking are changing the face of datacentre hardware. If we take the current trends in…
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Configuring System Wide Proxy Settings on Ubuntu 16.04

Setting the proxy settings for linux machine is something I've had to do on an increasingly regular basis. With a lot of office machines located behind corporate firewalls, and a need to do development and testing of ideas in an office environment, it has become increasingly important to be able to set up and operate…
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